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Sunday, January 2, 2005

Seraphim Proudleduck Lottery

As previously mentioned, the Seraphim Proudleduck lottery will for the moment be for $50 out of my own pocket only. However, any future money I still receive from competiton creator Shaun O’Connor (who owns Google Blogoscoped £1000), will be awarded to the same person now winning the lottery for $50.

If you know more about Shaun O’Connor, please let us know.
Update: It seems I have Shaun’s home address now.
Update 2: Shaun emailed me.

And, decided by a randomizer script applied on 75 tickets, the winner is:

Kevin Wallace



Thanks to everyone else who linked here! In no particular order:

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Google vs Microsoft Flame War

Nathan Weinberg reports on a flame war which broke loose between Google and Microsoft bloggers.

Google’s Best Time to Visit

Douwe Osinga created an automated research tool answering a simple question – via Google: when is it the best time to visit a specific place?


A new blog has been added to the BlogNewsChannel group of blogs: Technovations, focussing on geek gadgets all day long, Gizmodo-style.

Technorati’s New Year Resolutions

Technorati put up their own page of blogger New Year resolutions, and everyone is invited to join.

PageRank Changes

Check your Google PageRank for the new year – if these are global fluctuations, your sites may be affected as well. As for myself, I have some ups and downs (one PageRank 6 site went down to PageRank 5), but I’m immensely happy to find Google Blogoscoped with a fresh PageRank 7. This counts for both and, so if you ever wondered if Google understands when “index.html” is the default page for a directory, this answers it.

On a related matter, I had a learning experience with how well permanent redirects inherit PageRank – well, they don’t. A while ago I integrated into Feeeds and set up a permanent redirect (301) to I was curious to see whether or not the old PageRank of 6 would simply be transferred to the new Feeeds page, but it wasn’t: the Feeeds search page now has a PageRank of 3.


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