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Thursday, January 5, 2006

Digg Chat

Tech-oriented social bookmarking site Digg now has its own (unofficial) chat channel on IRC. [Via Digg.]

News Tag Cloud

Newzingo is a tag cloud for Google News.

Google Pack?

Could this be the Google Pack logo?

The WSJ today also reports on Google Pack, a software bundle to be announced tomorrow (quote Nathan: “Tell me it’s not a software bundle!”). Here’s what’s supposed to be included in the one-setup-to install-them-all bundle:

Dirson in the meantime thinks the download URL will be (aargh... too many... rumors... must find... facts...).

Update: Tony Ruscoe found above icons on this blog. Tony says, “If that site¬ís for real, it looks he’s the guy who creates some of the graphics for Google.”

Update 2: Above blog has now been closed, as Brian Mingus points out.

Update 3: It’s live.

WSJ on Google Video Rumors

The Wall Street Journal (quoting an anonymous source) says that tomorrow, Google will announce they will “begin allowing consumers to buy videos from major content partners through the Google site and will also roll out a new downloadable bundle of software for consumers.” According to the WSJ, “consumers will be able to pay to download and view videos, such as television shows, on their computers from Google content partners such as TV companies”. Partners are to include CBS and the NBA. Tomorrow we’ll know... [Thanks Brinke Guthrie.]

Google Video Announcement Rumors

Om Malik says one of his reliable sources told him this Friday, Larry Page’s keynote at the CES will be about a new version of Google Video. “It is some sort of a video distribution deal which has been in the works for a while,” Om writes. ZDNet’s Garett Rogers also did a little interesting digging along those lines. If payment comes, will we see Google Wallet surface, too? [First one via John Battelle.]


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