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Friday, February 24, 2006

Google Finance?

What’s Google Finance?

Google’s Mac Widgets

Google released 3 Dashboard widgets for the Mac. You can now blog with Blogger, check your Gmail email, and see your search history. [Thanks Anonymous.]

MC Hammer Blogs

MC “Too Legit to Quit” Hammer now has a blog, and he’s using Google’s Blogger to create it. The blog is Not Safe for Work unless you turn off your speakers first...

MySpace Crimes

Some MySpace teens are actually police officers merely posing as such, leading to arrests of those who hit on them. Other, real teens show off their weapons, and also get arrested. Another 44,000 as of yet unarrested MySpace users want to kill someone.

Gmail’s Automated Sender Selection

Gmail now allows you to reply from the same address a message was sent to, Garett Rogers reports. For example, if you forward emails to to your Gmail account, and you have set up as email address, you can now switch a setting that will automatically use the same address as reply-to as well. Before, you’d have to make a selection before hitting send, Garett says. [Thanks Bas.]

Animated AdSense Can’t Be Disabled

In response to my question on how I can turn off animated ads, Google AdSense support writes:

“We do not currently offer the option to show only non-animated image ads. However, you can select the image-only option as you mentioned and filter out animated ads should they continue to appear on your site.”

More Google Logo Parodies

Fark started another Google logos thread. The theme is: “Google always modifies its logo for special events or holidays. What would it look like on some more infamous or notorious dates? Example: Pearl Harbor Day.” [Thanks Rich.]


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