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Friday, March 17, 2006

AdWords Starter vs Standard

Google has an overview table listing the differences between the Google AdWords Starter Edition and Standard Edition. [Thanks Manoj Nahar.]

Hiring AdWords Pros

JenSense writes:

“If you are a Google Advertising Professional for AdWords based in the US, you may have received an invitation to apply to be an AdWords Seminar Leader. This program is looking for leaders to conduct day-long seminars in various locations across the US.”

[Thanks Manoj Nahar.]

Google China Blog Translated

Interested in what Dr. Lee had to say in Google’s official Chinese blog, but you can’t speak Chinese? W.Y. from Malaysia has a translation.

Censorship Comparison Tool

CenSEARCHip by Mark Meiss and Filippo Menczer aims to compare the different results delivered by and self-censored, highlighting those words which were found in documents unique to either of the two engines. [Thanks Jubi.]

Dinosaur Robot (Video)

Look at the presentation to the right. From the creators of Furby, Cleo is a life-like toy you can interact with (and it seems to be a lot smarter than Furby, which admittedly doesn’t take much). [Thanks Barry.]

Early Programming (Video)

Here’s a typical database programming job [MPG] in 1903.

Google St. Patrick’s Day Logo

Google today celebrates St. Patrick’s with a special logo. Looks a bit fractal...

Also take a look at a couple of older St. Patrick’s day logos.

Want a Writely Account?

Writely was recently acquired by Google. If you want an account to try out this online Rich Text editor, visit the forum...

Update: OK, with so many forum posts, let’s change the mode of operation to make it easy to see who still needs a Writely invite:

  • Those who need an invite, go to the chat room but leave some seats free for those who have invites (there’s another room if this one’s full).
  • Those who already have an invite, enter the chat room to invite a couple of people.

Anyone who gets a new invite please share your invites as well! And thanks to everyone who shared so far.


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