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Friday, May 5, 2006

Tolkien Google Logo Petition

One Google to rule them all... a Lord of the Rings fan-base is asking Google to have a Tolkien celebration logo. If the Google doodlers are convinced, they could show this on January 3rd 2007, J.R.R. Tolkien’s birthday. Suggested logo designs include the letter “l” be replaced by an Ent, or the yellow “o” be replaced by a ring. The red “o” might make a good place for the evil eye of Sauron... [Via Digg.]

Google Translator Boomerang

The Google Translator Boomerang software translates back and forth with Google, which often yields funny results. From the site: “Use it to generate zen poetry or examine how well the translation of your text really matches with your intentions. You might be surprised to learn how your words may come across in another language.”

Adult Online World (Trailer)

NSFW: Naughty America is an isometric, cartoon online dating world to be unveiled later this year. Players can chat, view profiles, check web cams, meet in a virtual bar and later on, go home (etc.).
[Via Waxy/ Joystiq.]

Also see Sedu City, a somewhat similar world with 2D view.

Google Child Pornography AdWords Trial

Search Engine Journal reports that Google is being sued over alleged child porn AdWords.

Google Music?

Garett Rogers picked up a rumor that Google is developing a Yahoo Music competitor called Google Music (Yahoo Music was Internet-Explorer-only last time I checked, so a little competition would be good... they’re not trying hard enough!). Garett’s contact, who wants to remain anonymous, says audio files are going to be downloadable for a price, and there will be videos, previews, and more.

Bot Graphs

Splasho in the forum points to interesting tree visualizations of search bot crawl activity.

Google Type Operator

Arun notes that when you query Google for type:President or type:Britney you get what look like Q&A onebox results. For example, this one:

Britney – Type: CD
According to


Today I’ve been photographing lots of letters in the city for this tool.

Google Pack, Picasa Referrals

You can now earn AdSense referral money by pointing users to Google Pack and Picasa. “You’ll earn up to $2 for each time a user installs Pack and up to $1 for each Picasa install,” Google says. I’m not seeing Google Pack in my referrals options, though... [Thanks DPNeal.]

Google Reader Homepage Module

Google Reader is now available as a module for the personalized homepage. [Thanks Mihai, Reto, Or.]

How Linkable... in Chinese

He Caitou created a new Chinese version of the linkability test. Nice!


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