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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Google Annual Stockholders Meeting 2006

At 2:00 PM PT/ 23:00 CET, the Google Annual Stockholders meeting at the Googleplex is starting. You can watch the webcast. (The webcast will be available as archived version for about another two weeks, Google says.)

Google Notebook Screenshots

Google Notebook is only supposed to be released next week, but screenshots are popping up already. (Erica took those at the Google Press Day from her notebook as she works at Google, apparently.) [Thanks Sam Davyson.]

Google Rejects Olive

From SiliconBeat’s Matt Marshal, May 8:

“Google has walked away from acquiring Santa Clara company, Olive Software. (...)

Google sent out a team of 15 people to Olive’s Israeli offices (much of the company is over there) for over a week (staying at an expensive hotel), and interviewed each Olive person several times both in person and by phone interviews. (...)

It all seemed like a ’go,’ but then the Google team suddenly decided the product didn’t have everything they wanted.”

[Thanks David Hetfield/ Google Operating System.]

BBC at Googleplex (Video)

This BBC video on Google streams very slow for me (RealPlayer always seems to) but maybe some of you get this better. [Thanks James Boulter.]

What We Learn From Google Trends...

Steve Rubel posts 25 things he learned by using Google Trends. Andrew Hitchcock in the meantime sets out to find the most popular search words in Google. [Thanks Steve and Clinical Cases.]

New Delhi Book Search...

Google Book search is quite good already, but here’s an example of how a book search in New Delhi works.


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