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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Christophe Bruno Interview

We Make Money Not Art interviewed Christophe Bruno, an artist who did several “Google happenings” in the past.

Tips on Composing Emails

Here’s a tip for Gmail (or any other email client, for that matter):

[Via A Welsh View.]

No Luck for Google Against IE7

From Reuters:

“U.S. antitrust authorities on Friday rejected concerns that a search feature in the new version of Microsoft Corp.’s Internet Explorer browser would give the company an unfair advantage over Google Inc.”

Previously, Google’s Marissa Mayer said “we don’t think it’s right for Microsoft to just set the default to MSN.”

What Sergey Brin Said in 1994/1995

You know you made it when people snoop around in your (mundane) newsgroup past – now, let’s snoop around in Sergey Brin’s past... [Thanks ResourceShelf.]

Google Music Clues

Garett Rogers of Googling Google has what seems to be a source within Google who shares details of an upcoming Google Music. I can’t confirm any of this, but Garett’s source says the final name of this service might end up being Google Tunes or GMusic, not Google Music. Also, according to the source, Google Desktop will integrate GMusic.


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