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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Logoworks: World@Home

The first results are in from Logoworks. Last week, I played lottery and gave two of you a chance to get a free logo donated by logo maker Logoworks. Easterangel’s briefing for his World@Home site was this:

The site is about a campaign for organizations or individuals to create a foundation that will help physically handicapped individuals learn computers and derive income on various internet opportunities. This campaign is useful for disabled people in non-developed countries wherein they are usually neglected since the government do not have the means or initiative to help them.

The text should read “The World@Home Project” “Enabling Handicap People Worldwide to Participate”.

Logoworks suggested to change “handicapped people” to “disabled people”, which Easterangel agreed on. Easterangel was also asked to provide logos he liked, and he provided these:,,,

Here are the initial design concepts of the ~300 bucks package, one of which can now be chosen to be adjusted based on feedback (there are two revision rounds in this package) – how do you all like them?


Designer’s note: “This logo features a hight-tech button-like icon. This icon could be used on it’s own and changed colors for each different feature on your website (as shown below).”


Designer’s note: “This icon was designed so that it would resemble the handicapped symbol, but with the body of as a subtle ’W/H’ shape for ’world/home’. I also used colors similar to your current website and added high-tech highlights to the icon.”





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