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Sunday, July 9, 2006

Become a Paid XBox Gamer/ Blogger

The XBox 360 Fanboy blog is looking for a new blogger. “Truly the most highly evolved and sexy form of journalism, 360 blogging is where it’s at.” [Thanks Jan.]

55 Ways to Have Fun With Google on Amazon

55 Ways to Have Fun With Google is now available on Amazon. It had been for a while but without me being able to review the print version and without it showing a thumbnail cover. The print version arrived now here, and the thumbnail is also showing. Compared to the Lulu version, the Amazon one has a darker cover and thicker pages (or at least, they show less of the backside of each page).

Apply Gmail Filters to Old Mails

Ionut reports that you can now apply Gmail filters you’re creating to old emails as well. This is still being rolled out; I can’t see it in my Gmail yet.


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