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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

ASCII Zidane

Just that...

Google Maps Continuous Zoom

There are two changes to Google Maps (and the Maps API), the official Maps blog reports. You can now double-click anywhere on the map to zoom into that particular location. What’s more interesting: the zoom is now continuous (similar to what you’ll see in Google Earth). The continous zoom doesn’t always work... sometimes you just get a gray area which is then loaded, tile by tile. [Also thanks BrianS.]

Xooglers on Google Trademark

Ex-Googler Doug Edwards (he was Director of Consumer Marketing and Brand Management) speaks out on how Google in the past tried to fight for its “Google” trademark, which more and more became a generic verb for “searching.”

Zidane the Web Game

The Zidane headbutt of the Wold Cup finals is now available as web game. [Thanks David Hetfield.]

Update: There’s more, much more! Also, different lip readers came up with different versions of what Materazzi said to Zidane... [Hat tip to Ryan and]

Select Everything in Gmail

Finally, Gmail allows you to select more than just the 50 conversations on a single page. This makes deleting spam and emptying the trash, among other things, a lot easier. (The feature may still be rolled out.) [Thanks Jorge and Wouter Schut in the forum.]

Error Messages

Nice error messages. [Via Digg.]


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