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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Virtual Video Map

The Virtual Video Map is a Google Maps mashup showing the location of specific YouTube movies. [Thanks Robert C.]

When Moms Google

Heh. A mom learns how to use Google, searches for her daughther’s name, and ends up on an essay titled “9 Tips for Surviving the Holidays at Your Republican Parents’ Home”... [Via Search Engine Watch.]

Google Video Ad Sample

If you haven’t seen a Google Video AdSense so far, scroll down a bit on this AdWords blog post. Note that video ads only earn the webmaster money if the user clicks on the video (or the URL below the video) to go to the other website... just playing & watching the video isn’t enough. Google also doesn’t show you the number of times videos are played on your site, as their video help file tells.

Malware Search Engine

This malware search engine uses Google’s binary search abilities to detect worms and such. An example search query is “doom”. (Previously, Websense did similar searches to uncover malware but kept their tools secret.) [Thanks Pd.]

Google Paint Prototype

Google Paint is completely unofficial, but an interesting concept to show-case how Google could benefit from an online paint program. [Thanks TomHTML.]

Update: This is Firefox-only. [Thanks Tony.]


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