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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Find Programming Bugs With Google

Bugle is more of a proof of concept at this stage, but with an interesting idea behind it; you can search Google for specific patterns to find common programming mistakes. (Of course, this means the results will be restricted to pages allowing source code to be indexed, e.g. tutorials, or certain open source projects.) [Thanks Pd.]

Google Checkout Problems?

Kirby Witmer has had some bad experiences with Google Checkout.

Watching Water Evaporate (Video)

Friend Alek, the guy who brought us the classically boring Watching Grass Grow webcam, now created an even more boring sequel: Watching Water Evaporate [MPG]! A question to all of you: what could be even more boring to watch? (Who knows, Alek might go and film it!)

Who’s Leading Google Zeitgeist?

[Top gaining search query: ’Zidane Headbutt Video’]

[From Google Zeitgeist. Thanks Caleb!]


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