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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Programming Quotes

Via Digg, here are favorite programming quotes. Like these:

Company Merger Names

Valleywag offers a nifty cheat sheet for what to call tech companies merger rumors (I’m adding some of my own):

Any more?

Eric Schmidt’s Click-Fraud?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt admitted that he clicks on Google ads all the time, “probably because I want to make sure that everything was working,” as he puts it. Nathan Weinberg’s comment: “In the search ad industry, we call that click fraud.”

Update: Ionut in the comments points out that clicks from a Google IP range won’t count.

10 Uses for Google Desktop

You don’t know yet why you’d want to install Google Desktop? Ionut gives you 10 reasons for starters. (I somehow always ended up uninstalling GD after not using it for longer stretches of time... though it’s definitely an improvement over Windows’ native search.)


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