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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Picasa Web Adds Search, Tags

Google’s “Flickr”, Picasa Web Albums, added the ability to add tags, and also, to search your photos (and it seems only yours, or those albums you added to your favorites, which kinda sucks – my favorite Flickr feature is still their Creative Commons search). Another new feature is that you can now order prints, the Google Blog announces.

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[Thanks TonyB and Inferno!]

Google Personalized Homepage Bug

Resistance is futile! As Brinke Guthrie noted, the Google Personalized homepage has a serious bug at the moment which won’t allow you to go back to classic homepage. Try it out if you’re brave: visit while being logged in to your Google Account, and now click “Classic Home”... nothing happens, as you won’t be switching back to the normal Google homepage (at least for Brinke and me, in Internet Explorer and Firefox). Brinke adds, “Rebooted PC, cleared cache – still does it.”

Google Wish List

Pandia Search Engine News wants 15 features & improvements from Google this Xmas. The list includes many good points, such as:

  1. Create one consistent navigation throughout all Google services
  2. Include more important services in the “more...” function of the Google homepage
  3. Make Blogger work – more features, more stability
  4. Give us a better Google personalized homepage
  5. Buy a bookmarking service that’s better than the current Google bookmarking feature
  6. Update the PageRank bar on the Google Toolbar more frequently
  7. Give us real numbers for the the link operator
  8. Add a NEAR operator to search
  9. Give us a well functioning Gdrive
  10. Get out of China
[Via Matt Cutts.]


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