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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Google’s Latest "More" Menu Prototype
By Tony Ruscoe

Forum user Mrrix32 reports that Google have been testing their top left navigation links in places other than their home page and search results pages.

The link bar – which has appeared in several recent prototypes – has now been spotted on the pages of other services, including Image Search, Maps, Video, Docs & Spreadsheets and Groups.

Replacing the existing corner bookmarks, this test has a much longer “more” list than previous prototypes. The “even more” link to Google’s standard more page also appears to be missing, making it even more difficult to get to any of the services that aren’t linked to from the drop down.

With all these different interfaces being tested recently, you have to wonder why Google doesn’t just allow each user to decide which services to display in the top link bar and drop down menu.

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[Thanks Mrrix32! Screenshots by Mrrix32.]


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