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Friday, December 18, 2009

Google Guru?

Chris writes in to say he’s spotted a new service on his Google account services page: “Google Guru”, which points towards ... which is non-existent at the moment. The account page reads, “Guru ... Ask questions and get answers from online users”.

Google Russia and Poland already have user-powered questions and answers services. So does Thailand, apparently, and there the URL contains the name guru, too – along with a somewhat similar green question mark favicon: Should we expect this to be rolled out in English?

Google once already had an English Q&A site, called Google Answers, but it was researcher-driven and paid, and has been shut down in the meantime. And then, there’s Google Moderator, while China has WenDa. Last not least, there’s Google Groups, which too can be used for questions and answers... though even Google escaped that territory for many of their own help groups, fleeing to yet another help forum service of theirs.

[Thanks Chris!]


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