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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wikipedia’s Entry on V7ndotcom Elursrebmem

Over at Wikipedia, there’s some discussion whether or not to keep the new V7ndotcom Elursrebmem entry. At this time, the top of the entry reads “This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy.”

I’m somewhat undecided whether it should be removed (maybe some of you have the right information to improve the article with more facts).
A Wikipedia user by the nick Urthogie, who votes for delete, says, “Allowing this to exist lets every couple thousand dollar contest get its own page.” Ringbark, who votes for keep, comments: “Wikipedia is a place people are likely to look for unbiased information on a contest of this type. In the unlikely event that the contest proves not to attract interest or notoriety, the entry can be deleted later. For now, it is a significant piece of net culture.”

Note if you want to join the Wikipedia discussion, you can post your signature and time stamp using four tilde characters (“~~~~”).

More information on the contest.

Google Talk XMPP

Google’s Gary Burd says, “I flipped the switch to connect the Google Talk Service to the public XMPP network this morning. Google Talk users can now chat with users on other XMPP services and vice versa.” The official Google Blog calls this an “open federation,” a “technical jargon for when people on different services can talk to each other.”

PD in the forum asks if this now means true conformance to “RFC 3920”... anyone?

Google Replies to Support Email Speed Contest, But...

Google in the Grand Support Email Speed Contest sent what seems to be a delayed automated email... there is no sign at all they read my question/ try to provide an answer even remotely related to it. This doesn’t count per the contest rules, so Google’s real reply is still missing.

Million Dollar Homepage Down

So, the Million Dollar Homepage has been down for some days now. What’s happening?

Felix the Cat?

Over at ChoiceBlogger, I’m trying to answer the question who’s the creator of Felix the Cat?

Best of Google Video

Here are some funny videos with talk & game shows from around the world, taken from Google Video. [Thanks Orli Yakuel.]


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