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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More Google Modules

Google updated their personalized homepage directory. The dozen or so modules we didn’t already have at Google Modules we’ve now added.

Hacking Chinese Censorship?

A US radio station asked me: how do you get around internet censorship as Chinese user? I would like to pass on this question to readers from China. (One thing I heard of so far was Tor.)

Unpaid Google Videos Now Work in Germany

Google Video (the unpaid content part) now seems to work in Germany. If I want see MacGyver, I’m still getting “We’re sorry, but this video is not available in your country.” But user-uploaded videos like these new Google tech talks now play fine. [Thanks Pfadfinder, Gary Price.]

Google’s Testimony

Google’s Elliot Schrage testifies [PDF] testifies (now as HTML in the Google blog) before the US House of Representatives. Pd has more.

Google Adventure Back

I’ve ported choose-your-own-adventure game system QML to PHP5’s native XML library. This also means that The Google Adventure is now back in its cross-browser version, which works on Firefox.

Technorati Explore

The new Technorati Explore aggregates hot topics “by influential or authoritative bloggers in those topic areas,” as Technorati’s David Sifry says. David goes on to say Explore is trying to “Watch what they do, what they post about, and what they link to as input to a new kind of display.” [Via Searchblog.]

Tibetans Protest Against Google and More

Boing Boing covers the protest of exiled Tibetans against Google’s censorship in China. John Battelle shares his thoughts on the issue, asking for the US government to give Google/ Yahoo/ Microsoft/ Amazon a policy to align behind.

WSJ on SEO Contest

The Wall Street Journal today covers the V7ndotcom Elursrebmem SEO contest. [Thanks Watching Paint Dry.]

Google Talk Emoticons

Here’s a list of emoticons that turn to small icons in Gmail Chat. For example, “<3” will turn into a little heart. (Do these work in Google Talk as well? I uninstalled it now that I have Gmail Chat.) [Thanks Pd.]

Google Buys Measure Map

The rumors that have been circulating in blogs are now validated: Measure Map, a blog stats service, has been acquired by Google. [Thanks Pd.]


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