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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hulkin’ Limeade Webcam

Friend Alek has his kids’ Hulkin’ Limeade stand live now with several webcams, and you can inflate figures (like Frankenstein’s monster, or Frosty the Snow Man) around the stand right from the website. If you like the idea, you can donate for Celiac Disease (donate buttons are available), or digg it. I asked Alek to invite Captain Copyright for a surprise visit... I’m sure Marvel owns the Hulk trademark!

Google Football Search Results are Real-time

Google updates its onebox World Cup results in real time, as this search for england paraguay shows – the game is in its 11th minute now. (I wonder if there’s anything automated here, or if there’s actually someone inside Googleplex watching TV right now with the hands on the keyboard...)

Anti-DRM Protests Today

Today, “activists in seven cities across the US will picket Apple Stores, handing out information about the dangers of the DRM hidden in Apple’s iTunes,” Cory Doctorow announces.

GBuy This Month?

Forbes says GBUy, a Google-like PayPal to handle online money transactions, is going to be launched on June 28. Rumors of the service have been floating around for quite some time now, under a variety of names (including “Google Wallet”). Is it for real this time? [Thanks DPNeal and /Pd.]

First Impressions of 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google...

[55 Ways to Have Fun With Google]

Peter Dawson got his copy of 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google... if you get yours too you can post pics + links + reviews + first impressions (good or bad) in Peter’s thread!


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