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Friday, July 7, 2006

Logoworks: RachaCuca

The second round of logo designs courtesy of Logoworks is in (also see the first round – Easterangel still has to nominate a winning design – and the contest post). Tiago’s briefing for RachaCuca was this:

It’s about online puzzles... The site is in Portuguese, however its games are a kind of universal, so I’m planning to add translations to others languages.

I’d like a clean logo that shows someone (a clipart or something) breaking their head trying to solve some challenging puzzle... The name of the site can be raw translated to something like “break = ’racha’ your head = ’cuca’ “

Now, there was a bit of a misunderstanding here. When Tiago from Brazil said “break one’s head trying to solve something” he meant “to have a puzzled look” or “to rack one’s head.” Native speakers will probably confirm that “breaking one’s head” is not a common American idiom for this. It didn’t even occur to me that it might not be, as we have the exact same expression in German. Anyway, so if a lot of Logoworks designs take the broken head literally, then that’s why. Please judge the designs in the comments.


Designer’s note: “Several concepts I have hand drawn just for you – Here is a concept of a brain exploding – using a font similar to the one you already have on your website.”


Designer’s note: “A man beating his head/face against the table as he is befuddled by the game.”


Designer’s note: “Here is a simple and clean depiction of a man’s head breaking apart into a simple puzzle.”


Designer’s note: “I thought I would try something more professional and abstract – clean with an intellectual look.”


Designer’s note: “A man who’s head is cracking as he stares at your puzzles on his laptop.”


Designer’s note: “A funny black and white with red spot color of a man so frustrated he is breaking his head with a hammer.”


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