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Monday, August 21, 2006

Web 2.0 Phrase Generator

The “Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator” generates Web 2.0 phrases on the click of a button. I got “syndicate authentic folksonomies”...

Also see this site’s Web Site Idea Generator.

[Thanks Manoj Nahar.]

Tracking TV

Rakesh Agrawal sends in this:

Zack, our lead tester and a guy who watches a lot of TV, recently posted this story about how to manage and filter through the incredible mass of new TV shows that arrive every year at the beginning of the new fall TV season here in the U.S.

He walks people through building a multi-tuner PC PVR with Beyond TV and then using it to record every new show in the new Fall season (which officially begins tomorrow). He’s also included a Google Calendar in the article of all the season opening dates and he has a whole set of tips on optimizing viewing/selection at the beginning of the season. Drops Google Checkout

MarketWatch writes:

Levi Strauss & Co.’s main Web site has quietly stopped offering Google Inc.’s Checkout online payment feature, marking yet another hiccup for the new Google feature introduced in late June. (...)

The Checkout feature was pulled from just a few days after Levi Strauss & Co. encountered a “particular issue” with it

“Particular issues"? Like these?

"Yahoo Has Changed" Videos

Yahoo put up an advertising campaign where you can submit your “Yahoo has changed” video (a take on the new – and still cluttered – Yahoo homepage design). [Thanks Ionut Alex. Chitu.]

Nobody Reads My Blog Song

“I started a blog which nobody reads” is a big meme these days... and now it has its own anthem [MP3]. [Thanks TomHTML.]

Google iPod

Google now lets you wrap your iPod with their logo...
[Thanks Brinke Guthrie and Ionut Alex. Chitu. Image by Google.]


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