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Monday, April 23, 2007

Barack Obama Like Google?

The Slate on Saturday compared US presidential candidates with well-known brands and came to the conclusion that Barack Obama is like Google. Here’s why, in their words:

Both have posted astonishing growth since splashy initial public offerings in 2004 and have become darlings of Silicon Valley. Networked and populist, Google and Obama have both benefited greatly from content generated by others: millions of newspaper articles and blog entries for Google, and that hot virtual 1984 ad for Obama. Both have rung up impressive sales figures based on small transactions and enjoy incredible momentum and popularity despite short operating history. Both favor vague, feel-good mission statements: “Don’t be Evil,” and “let us finish the work that needs to be done, and usher in a new birth of freedom on this Earth.” Recommendation: Strong buy.

[Thanks Stephen Glynn! Photo Creative Commons-licensed by Tim Llewellyn.]

Test Google’s Latest Prototype

Want to test-drive Google's latest redesign experiment? Just go to and enter the following in your browser address bar, then hit return:

To revert back to the old Google version, clear your browser's Google cookies.

Also see the previous posts on this redesign experiment.

[Thanks Swedish blog Webbsnack!]

Update: It's interesting to see how Google changes the related search engines based on your query. For example, looking for [c++] you will be offered Google Code, Google Books and Google Groups search. Search for [politics], and you'll be offered Blogs, Groups, News and Books. [Thanks Jk!]

Google’s Tribute to VT Victims

The official Google channel on YouTube released a Virginia Tech video as tribute to the victims of the recent shootings.
[Thanks Anna SebestyƩn.]

Google Maps With Car on the Wall

This location with a car on the wall seems to be an art sculpture, or just a random Google Maps satellite image error. [Via Digg.]


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