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hebbet [PersonRank 10]

Monday, April 21, 2008
16 years ago5,145 views

Colin Colehour [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

There is a TechCrunch post too:

Here's an Introduction video:

The Updates section sounds sorta like its imitating FriendFeed to me.

David Mulder [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

Just read about it on GoogleOS, but for some reason I was unable to find the mentioned gadges... any help?
# Updates gadget: post and view updates.
# Friends Manager gadget: add test friends in the sandbox.
# Profile gadget: view and edit your limited sandbox profile.

[put at-character here]Colin Colehour, doesn't every social network have soe kind of update section

Above 3 comments were made in the forum before this was blogged,

Colin Colehour [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

[put at-character here]David, Yeah, these days they all seem to have one.

Brinke Guthrie [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

I can't even believe how little I care about this social stuff. Thanks, but no.

Google Tutor [PersonRank 1]

16 years ago #

it is imitating, but if you are a social person and use igoogle, it will probably be useful. tho, you could just add the FF feed in there :)

Mark [PersonRank 0]

16 years ago #

You should check out our iGoogle competitor ClutterMe ( We're a custom homepage tool and we've been social for about 6 months.

Sam Davyson [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

This look very good to me. It looks like it could be something very neat.

I like the way this has built up slowly. Suddenly iGoogle is a social network. And suddenly it could be massive.

sikantis [PersonRank 1]

16 years ago #

Thanks for this information!

Jérôme Flipo [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

To add all the special sandbox gadgets:

- updates
- friends
- my gadgets

PS: they should either buy FriendFeed or make iGoogle vert suitable for this great app (i.e they shouldn't try to compete directly, or igoogle will be what orkut is compared to Facebook).

Ionut Alex. Chitu [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

I thought FriendFeed was supposed to buy Google.

TOMHTML [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

new blog by the way

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