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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Support Email Speed Contest Winners and Losers

So, the Grand Support Email Speed Contest is finished. The first place is shared by Wal-Mart and Dell, who both replied quickly (and within minutes of each other). IBM came in 3rd, and Sony 4th. The 5th and 6th place go to ThinkGeek and BustedTees; as these aren’t giant companies such as Sony or IBM, they took the time to actually answer my question, “what is the cheapest product you offer?”. ThinkGeek (who sell these stickers as cheapest product, they say) thus won a bonus prize. BustedTees gets a special mention as they have some employees who read this blog, and this way could inform their support. The Coca-Cola company came in last, but still made it, and even provided a detailed answer.

Now, here are the two companies who didn’t reply at all and are hereby being officially disqualified: Google and Apple. That’s right. While some were thinking that Google had an unfair advantage as Google employees might be reading this blog, turns out they hadn’t. What Google did tho was sent in what seems to be an auto-reply... at least there’s no trace of human brain to be found in the text (which completely ignored my question). They might as well have told me, “Look, a three-headed monkey behind you!”


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