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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Firefox Extension Adds Wikipedia to SERPs

Now that’s an interesting Firefox extension. Googlepedia displays a Wikipedia article to the right-hand side of Google search results. (I usually enter “wikipedia” along with a search query to get to Wikipedia – if the Wikipedia entry isn’t already in the top 5, which very often it is – but this might be nice for frequent Wikipedians with big monitors.) [Thanks Frank Fuchs. Image via Firefox Add-ons.]

How Google Could Expand If They’d Be Totally Evil...

Wired has an article listing future markets Google could expand to, if only they’d change their motto to don’t be not evil. The list includes:

[Thanks Sunil Nair.]

Google Spreadsheets Wish List

What are your Google Spreadsheets feature suggestions?

Google on German TV Tonight

The German 3Sat NDR channel will show a short feature on Google tonight (Zapp Spezial, “Google - die Macht einer Suchmaschine”, 23:00-23:30, repeated on Thursday on NDR and Friday on 3Sat). [Thanks Frank Fuchs.]

Update: Here are two small clips from the feature; David Vise, author of The Google Story [MPG], on the Google guys trying to download the entire web, and Stuttgarter Agentur Seitenblick googling their job applicant.

More Clues on Google TV?

Chris Riley, colleague & friend of Tony Ruscoe, gives the nutshell of a “Google TV"-like research paper:

Their system uses the microphone on your laptop or desktop PC. The microphone picks up the sound coming from the TV, your laptop processes it and sends a statistical audio fingerprint to the “Google Audio” server. Google identifies the audio, and sends back relevant information about what you are watching. This could be websites, news items etc. [It] can also link you with people watching the same thing, creating an instant chat community. It would also be able to provide live viewing figures, and of course display ads relevant to what you are watching!

[Also thanks to Pd in the forum. Photo by CyberAndy.]


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