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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Number of Google Employees

Zorgloob’s Eric Lebeau looked at various Google press releases and investor information and came up with this chart mapping the number of Googlers over time... up from over 2,000 in 2004 to over 9,000 today.[Thanks Eric!]

Extra-Short Sci-Fi Stories

Wired asked several writers to create a sci-fi story in 6 words or less. For example, Eileen Gunn came up with the following:

Alan Moore on the other hand created this one... does anyone understand its meaning?

Not that I was asked, but here’s mine:

Any of you got one too?

[Via Boing Boing.]

YouTube Acquisition Explained (Humor Vid)

So that’s how Google came up with the 1.6 Billion USD price for YouTube.... [Thanks Pd!]

What Happens With Google’s Data?

Dan of Uneasy Silence writes:

Has anybody reviewed Googles data disposal procedures? Exactly how long are search logs kept? Where does GMail go when it is ’deleted’? Where do hard drive go when they die? Where are backup tapes secured? Is encryption in place? Has the company even been hacked? Are they willingly handing information over to the government behind users backs?

Digg For Sale?

If Digg is really up for sale for 150 million bucks, why doesn’t Google just chip in? I’m sure Eric approves acquisitions like this between coffee and lunch.

Face on Google Maps

An “Indian face” Aboriginal American face has been spotted on Google Maps. (Earlier generations saw stuff like this in clouds...) [Via Digg.]

Amazon Says No to Google

BusinessWeek writes: Inc. has objected to providing details about its book search feature to rival Google Inc., which says it needs them to fight copyright infringement allegations from a group of authors and book publishers.

Firefox 2 Live

Firefox 2 is officially out now. Holy cr*p, they fixed the find-in-textarea bug after two years, something bloggers and wiki-writers will be happy to hear about. (I hope they also fixed problems with selected text & multiple windows... hard to describe or quickly reproduce, but a frequent annoyance in older versions.) And there’s now a very nice inline spellchecker; misspelled words in textareas will be underlined with red dots as you type.

It’s good to see that Firefox doesn’t change the interface too much, so you’ll immediately know how to use this version – this is not the case for users switching from Internet Explorer 6 to 7...

More on what’s new in FF2.

The discussion started in the forum.

[Thanks David Hetfield and Markus Renschler.]

Update: Nope, the copy & paste bug is still in. Sigh.


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